Riverflow Recycling, in collaboration with WarrandyteCAN (Warrandyte Climate Action Now), holds regular events at the Warrandyte Uniting Church to collect and responsibly aid the community in disposing of items that can be recycled. Check out Whats On to see when the next event is being held. Below is the list of items that can be recycled and how that is achieved.


Item Destination How Used
Spectacles OPSM Recycled for use in other countries where access to spectacles is difficult
Stamps Uniting Church Sammy Stamp Raises money for special projects such as providing wheelchairs for children overseas
Hearing Aids Rotary and other hearing organisations Used to provide hearing aids to those who can’t afford them.
Craft – Material, buttons, lace, old cards Warrandyte Uniting Church’s Riverflow Peace Cards & Peace bags are made from recycled items to raise funds for Peace projects.
Computers and Accessories – re-usable Computerbank Built into usable computers for Refugees and students and for disabled people in need of a computer.
TVs, Computers and Accessories – un-usable or obsolete National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme Materials are recycled.
CDs/DVDs Gram Destruction Materials are recycled.
Kitchen utensils and accessories Lentara Asylum Seeker Project and/or Asylum Seeker Resource Centre Used in setting up houses for Asylum Seekers and Refugees
Coats, hats and scarves (winter only) Lentara Asylum Seeker Project and/or Asylum Seeker Resource Centre To provide warm clothes for Asylum Seekers and Refugees
Bibles Uniting Church programs To be sent to churches overseas
Teaching aids, pencils, pens and non-paper stationery Sent to schools in developing countries such as Tonga,  Papua New Guinea and Kenya
Mobile Phones Aussie Recycling Program (ARP) Materials are recycled and the money from phones goes to charities
Shoes Shoes for Planet Earth Provide sports shoes to those in need around the world
Bicycles Spokes in the Wheel Sudanese community taught to ride and given bicycles.
Batteries BatteryBack
Corks Recycling programs
Light Globes Nillumbik Council program at Edenvale Farm, Whitehorse Waste Disposal , Whitehorse Service Centre, Ikea Materials recycled
Ink Cartridges Close the Loop and/or Green Planet Recycling Richmond Cartridges are either passed on for refilling or bought for charities
Bras Uplift Project Used for women in needy communities in Australia & overseas